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Round Baler RB 544

PICK UP - Whether you're dealing with first cut or lateseason grass, shortstemmed material, long stalks or bulky, leafy grass, the fivebar pickup ensures a high feedrate, even in light crops, while keeping losses to a minimum.

ROTOR CUTTER - The large diameter feeder draws the material into the chopper knives, which process it to an average of 51mm.  The hardened knoves remain sharp - and therefore fuel-efficient - for as long as possible, reach deep into the bale chamber, for thorough, accurate, efficient cutting.  They are spring - protected and re-set automatically in case of a hard object being picked up.  Knives can be extracted and replaced without tools. 

BALE CHAMBER - Eighteen compression rollers firmly but gently knead the silage to exclude air, and form high density round bales 1.2m wide and 1.25m in diameter (1.3m on HD versions).  The rollers run in unique constantly lubricated bushes that are able to withstand the rigours of performing in tough, high-moisture conditions.  Active chamber control on Silage Pack HD balers provides extra high-density performance.

NET OR PLASTIC FILM PRE-WRAPPING - RB544 round balers feature net-wrap (basic) and plastic/net wrapping options (Silage Pack, Silage Pack HD).  Applying film in the bale chamber replaces netwrap, protects the grass quickly, reduces further wraps on the wrapping table, and ensures bales are more easily unwrapped especially in freezing conditions.  Film rolls can be easily exchanged for net ones if required.

WRAPPING TABLE - Airtight wrapping is completed by two satellite arms on the wrapping table.  The overlap between the film layers can be adapted to your needs of silage protection.  When wrapping is complete, the high-speed wrapping table can place bales on the ground either conventionally or on their ends, when discharging them.  This prevents bales from rolling downhill on sloping fields.

CHAMBER CONTROL ON RB 544 SILAGE PACK HD - The RB544 's unique Active Chamber Control (ACC) constantly monitors and adjusts density to ensure material is packed tightly and consistently into each bale.  The result is maximum density silage bales with minimal air inclusion, helping to minimise any chance of spoilage and ensure bales keep their shape over long storage periods.

PERFORMANCE MONITOR - OPERATOR CONTROL - Operation is made easier by a baler display that features large numbers and letters to ensure data is easy to read during both day and night.  The screen is divided into information and settings areas, with all settings easily accessed, ensuring they can be quickly altered to suit changing conditions, or re-configured to the factory settings if required.

TYRE OPTIONS - All models are equipped with large, low pressure flotation tyres to ensure minimal field damage, while tandem axles on wrapper models further reduce ground pressure.  The bottom line is that grass regrowth is unhindered, meaning high quality crops can be produced cut after cut.

ManufacturerCase IH - Hay & Forage
ModelRound Baler RB 544
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