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Large Balers LB4 Series

New generation LB balers feature revisions and refinements throughout, to create machines even more productive than their predecessors.  Additionally, the range now includes two new models, the LB 424 XL and the 434 XL.  You're guaranteed a rugged, robust and reliable baler whichever model you choose.  Each one is designed to make your baling more productive, more profitable and more of a pleasure.From front to rear, every aspect of the LB series balers was examined by Case iH engineers to analyse areas where there was scope for improvement.  Every major component came under scrutiny, from the pick-up, rotor and pre-chamber through to the packer and knotters.

THE FINEST FEED - Every feature on new Case IH LB balers is designed to ensure you get crop off the field and into the stack as quickly as possible.  With widths of between 2m and 2.35m depending on model, LB floating pick-ups can handle the widest, heaviest swaths.  All are equipped with a roller windguard and can be specified with large gauge wheels with adjustable flotation springs, and can handle the widest, heaviest swaths.

THE PERFECT BALE IN UNDER 60 SECONDS - Whatever the crop-light hay, dry straw or the first silage cut with heavy material, rich in sucrose, LB big balers will consistently form the right bale in perfect condition for bedding or feeding.  With four models in the range and different crop cutter knife options you can choose the chopping system for your needs and bale dimensions to suit your farming or contract operation.  Renowned bale density can be easily adjusted from the tractor seat using the AFS monitor regardless how fast the baler operates.

FULLY INTEGRATED RELIABILITY - The proven and extemely reliable double knotter system on the new machines offers and optional new compressed air cleaning system to ensure reliability by keeping knotters clear of dust and debris.  This is in addition to the improved current knotter cleaning system and is used for extreme dusty conditions, often experienced in drier countries.

MORE CONSISTENT BALES PER HOUR - On LB24 XL and LB434 XL models, the bale chamber is now 31% longer, having been extended by 80cm.  And in conjunction with automatic feed rate control, that means you get not just better bale shape and greater bale density, but also more consistent density across the day as conditions change.

MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY - The Case IH AFS monitor continuously supervises and displays all key baler functions, including the knotters.  New on LB models is a visual steering aid to assist operators in picking up very small and/or irregular swaths and ensure uniform, sturdy bales are formed even in difficult conditions.  On the AFS Pro 700 monitor, images from several video cameras can be displayed simultaneously.  It is also possible to operate the balers through the terminals of ISOBUS-compatible tractors.

SAFE TRANSPORT AND SOIL PROTECTION - For maximum road safety Case IH big balers feature suspension systems for excellent handling.  On and off the road they offer a wide choice of tyres to match your working conditions.  There is a choice of either a single axle or tandem axle, with steered rear axle.  The large tyres in combination with the steered tandem axle reduce soil pressure and protect the regrowth of the next crop.  In spite of their higher performance and capacity, new LB series balers feature a very compact construction, and even on 600mm wide tyres they are less than 3m wide.  Transport speeds of up to 60kph are possible on the road, depending on loal regulations.

BIGGER, BETTER, BRIGHTER -  LB424 XL and LB434 XL baler bodies are wider than previous models from 2500mm to 2800mm, to provide increased space between the side frame and the twine box and reduce crop accumulation in this area and provide more space to move around the service platform.  Every model still falls within a 3m transport width, even with pickup wheels in situ.  A new work light and service light package is available on LB424 XL and LB434 XL balers, featuring modern, bright LEDs for maximum visibility, even in the darkest night.

SIMPLE, EASY AND VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE FREE - Case IH balers have been designed to give trouble free operation for many seasons and to require the minimum of service and maintenance.  Direct access to all major components is provided by the high-opening panels that lift upwards supported by gas assisted cylinders.  Storage compartments with the ability to store up to 32 twine balls are enough for a days high capacity baling.



ManufacturerCase IH - Hay & Forage
ModelLarge Balers LB4 Series
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